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the folks at Hyperchoreography might want to take a good look a the Korsakow-System [via futurefeeder], a set of software for creating interactive films or interactive database narratives. Korsakow-projects are

  • interactive - the viewer has influence on the film.
  • rule-based - the author desides on the rules scenes relate to each other, [they do] not create a fixed order.
  • generative - the order of the scenes is calculated while the viewer looks at a Korsakow-project.
  • [only viewable] on a computer. They can be delivered via internet-streaming, DVD-Rom or CD-Rom.

there are several projects online including 13terStock and [7sons], you can also download the software and use it for yourself. whilst much closer to the nonlinear concept and examples than the hyperchoreography examples is it not 'the' solution for a 'true' hyperchoreographic solution. it does however show a path that could and should be expanded on from a dance perspective... well impressed.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    this is very interesting - thanks Matt (and for the links you sent)

    looks like i have a lot of reading to do...


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