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change is good ... something fresh to clear the cobwebs. however unexpected the move from Article19 has been positive (for me at least). Marc has been kind enough to blogroll me again so if you are visiting via DA ... NCE greetings.

so to commemorate the old and celebrate the new i thought i would get another bottle of Stormhoek Sauvignon Blanc to compliment my freebie. However it was not to be and i ended up with the Piont Grigio.

However, when i got home a flicked through the booklet that came from Hugh i realised that i had an 'old' bottle of Piont Grigio and not the relaunched range.

The Sauvignon Blanc was stunning and went down well, very well it's a shame that Sainsburys had sold out. and no one else was selling it (they did have the Chiraz). The Piont Grigio was much less exciting .. not a great smell or taste. i can only hope that the modification they have made to the new line bring it closer to the quality of the Sauvignon Blanc.

well i fully intend to work my way through the Stormhoek line, with friends and family so thanks Hugh (and orbital). i was kinda bugged that A19 took my blog away from with with zero notice esp as i had signed up to the wine offer on the basis of that blog . i felt like i should almost send the bottle back, but i'm glad i didn't. The url on the label (http://www.article19.co.uk/mathew/index.php) will always remind me of the blog that really got my work going. so regardless of how it ended ... thanks article19, it was fun.

So what can you expect from this new blog, well more fresh thinking but with a little more freedom than before. that means more divergent projects, stay tuned (!).

returning to UEA i have lots of work to do. i see a dark winter ahead writing code so i'm setting myself some divergent goals. there is also the matter of a few lectures that i need to prepare a deliver ... time is going to be short.

i should get back to work ...


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