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In the Shadow of Leaves

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under willows shade
dragonflies dance ...
crushed grass.

a week of borking other peoples systems, trying to discover how easy/hard it is to implement some key aspects of the Æma construct. well it's not as simple as i would have wished. the big picture is getting bigger and bigger, and that worries me. there seems is so much work to do, what do i start with first ...

trying to finsh papers and code and ... ...

Cognitive Daily asks 'How does colour tell us about motion?' and 'What’s going on when we see objects in motion?' it strikes me (even more) that an entirely perceptual solution would be much simpler that the physical approach i'm taking. however, doing so would result in a solution totally to divergent to physical practice. But it would open up new avenues of visual (dance) aesthetic and enrich digital dance culture.

i'm not a fan of red wine, but after our Stormhoek tasting Sheila was keen to try the Stormhoek Shiraz. well i found it rather enjoyable, if a little strong (14% abv - seemed more); so it took a few days to finish the bottle. interestingly, the wine improved over the days it had been open, it nice to have a wine you can take you time over.

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