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crossing the line


when you have to keep close to the edge, when do you know you have crossed the line without someone to guide you. self governance would be ideal, but when travelling the unfamiliar it may not be enough.

we often return to our teachers and mentors at such times, seeking sage advice or quiet words of comfort. be it actual or imagined our guru's presence reassures. it hard knowing what you should do, but not knowing which way to go about it. and failing at the tasks we desire most to achieve.

as both sensei and padwan i feel both positions keenly. subtle shifts of engaging, sharing, developing and challenging knowledge raise the stakes of self development. next week i am giving a lecture a laban on my methods of practice, it is with humility that i approach my fellow students. i remember the challenges of my own MA like home-made lemonade, the best of our visiting lectures simply shared their practice. there was no need to hawk their wares, its richness was self evident.

looking at the tapestry of tutors into which i have been woven my presence is surprising yet welcome. warp or weft, how i contextualise myself is not significant; the students wider exposure to different methods of practice is the primary goal.

the students i see on a regular basis are starting to understand how my expectations of them. however, given the opportunity to express themselves they are unsure of what they wish to say. there are some real 'diamonds in the rough' who are beginning to facet themselves into something quite special. it will be a pleasure to share some of the process with them.

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