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hyperchoreography ( notes )

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a few notes on hyperchoreography whilst i write a paper on the subject.

hyperchoreography is NOT:

  • dance 'hypertext'
  • interactive
  • 'open'
  • non-linear
  • collaborative

hyperchoreography is:

  • linear
  • reactive
  • hypermedia
  • intertextual
  • generative

i do not consider hyperchoreography (in it's present state) is a 'new' mode of choreographic practice, but a relocation of existing constructs. the use of hypermedia does not make it novel or sufficiently different to warrant a new category.

however, the notion of hyperchoreography is valid, and properly contextualised and developed along the 'true' concept of hypertext will present a radically new way of exploring choreographic practice.

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